America’s Number One Bare Knuckle Fighter Takes No Prisoners


Bobby Gunn is America’s number one bare knuckle fighter. His record is astonishing. It’s 71-0. Seventy one fights – zero defeats. It’s fair to say that he’s a tough SOB. And a good fighter. The murky world of illegal underground fighting is something not too many know about, for obvious reasons. But – breaking the first rule of Fight Club, the fraternity opened its doors to Rolling Stone magazine recently.

“Everybody wants to take me down, brother, and make a name for himself. I’ve gotta watch my back”, he told the reporter who’d taken a small filming crew down to the ‘ring’ with him. It’s a scary world, but a respectful one.

And the technique of the fighters? Surprisingly good. This isn’t just fat guys brawling in a parking lot. There’s organisation, skill, fitness, finesse and sportsmanship. See what went down when Gunn put his championship on the line the last time: