Shocking! Guy Arrested For Confronting Child Molester On A Bus!


Shocking footage has emerged appearing to show a man who confronted a child abuser being arrested by American police. Derrick Jackson was traveling to work on a bus when he noticed a fellow passenger rubbing the thigh of, and generally pestering, an underage female. Jackson then, along with another passenger, filmed himself fending off the sex attacker.

Shockingly, after police were called, Jackson himself was arrested by cops. Although the pedophile, named locally as Jermaine Diaz, was also arrested, Jackson got the cuffs for his act of vigilantism. However, after being escorted off the bus, Jackson had the handcuffs removed, and was let go. Cops said that Jackson was initially detained for his own safety.

Diaz has been charged with child sex offences, and has a bail set at $12,000.