Italian Model Provokes Outrage As She Reveals That These Photos Were Taken By Her STEPDAD


A weird one for you here from Italy… Naike Rivelli, who is the fashion model daughter of Flash Gordon actress and Italian celebrity Ornella Muti, is well known back home for posing for racy photographs. But the latest? It’s provoked outrage and anger and serious questions…

She posted a whole bunch of images of herself naked on a recent shoot, using just her hands to obscure her genitals and breasts. She then asked her followers this: ‘Who in the world took this picture of me? The man I don’t have? The woman I don’t have? The friends who aren’t here right now? Who?’

And then she told everyone that the person taking the shots was actually her STEPDAD! And the weirdest thing? In the shots, you can clearly see that he ain’t wearing no pants himself!

So, then. This is Italian model Naike Rivelli…

Naike Rivelli

Here is that picture from a recent photo shoot of her. Nothing weird, right? Well…

Naike Rivelli

Here’s that snap in full. Pre-cropping. Where you can clearly see Naike’s stepdad taking the shot of her in the buff. And look… Dude ain’t wearing any pants. Now tell us that ain’t weird!

Naike Rivelli Strange stuff.