Here’s Why You Never Mouth Off To A Giant Bouncer…


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A drunk guy is trying to get into the Coda nightclub on Walnut Street. He’s just been chucked out for being too hammered. He’s goofing around and being a smarta*s to the security team. And he ends up in a world of pain…

“Now, if you hit me and you swing and you miss, can I still go inside?” Why you’d say that to a sober 6’10” 350lb black bouncer when you’re pig drunk is anyone’s guess.

An eyewitness takes up the story: “I was at the club last weekend. This kid who was previously kicked out kept asking the bouncer to punch him in the face to let him back in the club…” 

Never mouth off to a Bouncer (1)

“Eventually the bouncer obliged and knocked him out.”

Never mouth off to a Bouncer (1)

The punch comes outta nowhere. Unlike the court case which the bar will see coming.

The drunk guy’s a douche, but this could have killed him…