What Happens When You Shoot An AK-47 Underwater…?


Have you ever shot an automatic rifle? Have you ever gone swimming? Have you ever shot an automatic rifle while swimming…? No, thought not. Don’t worry – we haven’t either. The dudes at Smarter Every Day have, though.

We’d have thought that water would have stopped the gun, but apparently not. In fact, the AK actually reloads FASTER under the water. So a swimming pool shootout is actually perfect for guns like this. And there’s no need to worry about the state of the gun afterwards – it works perfectly once it’s dried off again.

Check out this awesome slow motion footage:

Thug Fact:
It’s thought that there are more than 100 MILLION AK-47s in the world… That’s a lot of money that someone’s making… But that someone ain’t its inventor. Mikhail Kalashnikov died a poor man – the gun didn’t start selling in bulk until after his death. Poor dude.