MMA Fighter Delivers Merciless Beating To Defenseless Kid In Savage Attack


Disturbing footage has emerged online of a sickening attack on a young drunk kid by an MMA fighter. American mixed martial artist, fighter and trainer Tony Cojacaru dishes out the battering to a young man who doesn’t fight back, delivering slaps, punches and kicks to him over and over again.

The shocking footage shows the man viciously attacking the youngster while telling him to “Shut the f*** up or I’ll kill you” and “Don’t f***ing move, don’t move”. He then threatens the defenseless boy, yelling: “If the cops call, you’re dead!”

Little else is known about the clip, but those that have seen it are calling for it to be turned over to the police so New Jersey-based Cojacuru can be arrested…

Check out the sick video right here: