WATCH: Weird Video Of Mom Breastfeeding Kids That Are Too Old Nearly Hits 60m Views!


She calls herself ‘Spiritual Tasha Mama‘. She’s a mom of two and her main thing is promoting breastfeeding. A worthy thing, right? Well, yeah. Women should breastfeed if they want to. And not feel embarrassed about doing so in public.

But Tasha’s main thing? It’s not about empowering moms to feed in public, it’s about encouraging the idea that you don’t have to stop when they’re babies. Despite the fact that almost all paediatricians recommend that children quit the teat at two years old.

She is so enthusiastic about carrying on that she’ll even breastfeed her SIX YEAR OLD!


And the video of her doing so, in tandem with her other kid, has racked up an incredible SIXTY MILLION VIEWS on YouTube so far!

Look at the kid on the right, he’s loving it…


See? And the internet agrees…