Woman Reviewing Her Washing Machine Accidentally Exposes Herself Online


A British woman’s naked form is all over the internet at the moment and for quite a strange reason indeed. She was leaving an online review for her washing machine just in her panties. But with the accompanying picture, didn’t realize her reflection was visible…

The actual content of her review in of itself isn’t exactly all that exciting or informative. In fact, it’s actually a bit of a garbled mess. She says: “loves my new machine, it’s [sic] nice big door and its tune when it’s finished washing love it.”

Still, no one is really all that bothered about what it is she typed, this image is going viral for different reasons to that…


At least we assume she did this accidentally. Hell, you know what people on the internet are like. There’s a good chance this was deliberate, isn’t there?


Whatever was going on, it sounds like a good machine, doesn’t it?