Disgusted Neighbors Give This Wife Beater A Taste Of His Own Medicine!


Changzhou, China. A domestic incident has spilled out onto the street. A man and woman appear to be arguing. A husband and wife, the row soon turns physical as the man loses his temper and begins physically assaulting his other half. A sickening example of spousal abuse, no one wants to see this. The guy’s a disgrace and needs to be taught a lesson, right? Right.

But in China, people have a very strict set of rules about privacy and interfering in other people’s business. Domestic abuse is frowned upon as with everywhere, but very few people are prepared to stick their neck out and actually do something about it… Except in this incident? Damn!

It’s not just one guy who decides to intercept the beating. It’s half the damn town! This lowlife bitch gets what’s coming to him. His ass beat! Check it out: