Topless Girl Walks The Streets Of NYC To Promote The ‘Free The N*pple’ Movement


Life’s all about how you look at it. What we’ve got for you here? Well, you could look at it one of two ways. You could see it as a powerful civil rights movement. Or just a chance to ogle some t*tties…

What are we rattling on about? Well, the Free the Nipple thing. To some – mostly feminists – it’s a gender equality campaign that tries to liberate woman and push the boundaries. ‘Women should be free to wear what they want and not be sexualized all the time’. That’s the gist.

Now that’s all well and good. And we’re sure it’s a worthwhile project. But to us? Well, Hell, it’s nipples. And these ones? They belong to model Emily Bloom!


Here goes… Enjoy!

Here’s some more from the ‘movement’: