Girl Tases Boyfriend’s Right In The Junk After Walking In On Him Cheating with Another Girl


Killer rule if you’re a player: Don’t get caught cheating. Nicer rule: Don’t cheat in the first place. But some guys can’t help themselves, can they? And so to those dudes, who may well get caught cheating… Don’t get caught by a girl who packs a stun gun.

When your girl carries a Tazer, there’s a good chance that you might well end up on the wrong end of 5,000 Volts. Just ask the dude in this clip. His girl comes round to his place while he’s – how shall we say? – ‘entertaining’ – another lady.

When his main girl saw what was up, she rushed him, Tazer in hand. She decides to get him with it. And where better to shoot him than in the d*ck, huh?!


Hell hath no fury like a woman with a Tazer scorned…