Prisoner Thug Busts Out Of Handcuffs In Just SECONDS!


Handcuffs have been used for centuries as a way to chain together someone’s hands to stop them making a break for it. Like criminals and well, anyone (and maybe you have a pair in your bedside drawer, we don’t need to know…). But mostly people that have been arrested.

So once those cuffs are on, that’s it, right? You can’t get out of them, you can’t move your arms. Right?! Well… Not always. The Thug you’re about to see below can bust out of handcuffs in a matter of mere seconds. We love how respectful the guard is around him too – he’s clearly not a convict you mess about with!

Check it out:

Thug Fact:
For some reason, there’s a National Handcuff Day. It’s on February 20th every year and celebrates the anniversary of the modern-day handcuff’s invention. They were designed and patented back in 1912 and there’s been no real tinkering to it since. They’re ‘perfect’, apparently. Seems no one told our friend up there, though…