Cons Go Berserk When Kid Snitches On His Friend!


We’ve posted about Beyond Scared Straight here on Thug Bible before. It’s the TV show where wannabe gangsters get taken to a prison to meet some of the less than friendly inmates. The idea is to give these tearaways a dose of reality, and shock them into sorting their lives out. When confronted with some real-life crims, these douchebags usually crap themselves.

Adan, a 12 year old expelled from school for cocaine possession,  certainly did. As soon as he is brought into the prison he is confronted by a 290 lb, facial tattooed monster. You can see Adan begging for his mommy in his head as the beast goes to work on him.

After some interrogation, Adan gives up the name of the friend he was holding the cocaine for at school. Big mistake. We’ve all heard of honor among thieves, and one of the fundamental rules in the criminal world is NEVER snitch.

Bad move, Adan!