Cash Me Ousside Girl Runs Away After Starting Fight Ousside Bar


You all know about the Cash Me Ousside girl by now. We’ve featured her and some of the stupid things she get up to. But remember at the start? Back on Dr Phil? That’s right, she got famous because she offered to fight someone ‘ousside‘, didn’t she?

Well, here’s some proof that even if you get her ‘ousside’ – she might not actually fight you… In this clip below you see Danielle Bregoli (that’s her name, by the way) and some friends goading a woman. They’re shouting at her, insulting her… But when the fighting starts? The CMO girl ain’t nowhere to be seen!

That’s right, Bregoli runs!

Cash Me Ousside Girl Bar Fight

Alright, so here it is. It’s ain’t pretty, it ain’t classy, but it is what is… Check it out: