Incredible CCTV Footage Shows a Flying Car SMASH Into a Building!


The vision of ‘The Future’ as made out by shows like The Jetsons was one where we’d all be eating meal pills and driving flying cars, wasn’t it? But it’s not happened. In fact, meals have never been bigger and car have never, er, been so on the ground… You know what we mean. But something’s just happened that makes us think that the future might just be here.

The spectacular CCTV footage we’re bringing you here shows a car smashing into a building. But this Nissan is no ordinary car – it’s totally airborne! Admittedly, this flying is due to terrific speed and erratic driving rather than sci-fi-style technology, but still.

We’ve no idea how this happened, all we do know is that the dude driving was okay in the end. And you want to know the weirdest, most ironic thing about it all? That building he smashes into? It’s an auto repair shop. Yep, really.