These 2 Guys Down The $1300 Bottle Of Aphrodisiac Wine They Can’t Take On Their Flight


Wang Tan and Yang Wu are men of leisure. They know what they like and they enjoy what they do. Like drinking wine. Rare Chinese wine made using tiger bones, in this case. But, like a fine wine and Coca-Cola – liquids and aviation don’t mix. They were at Baiyun International Airport when they were told they couldn’t take their strange drink aboard.

Wang pleaded with the security officer, telling her, “little girl, it’s good stuff inside. It’s aphrodisiac wine that was bought from my buddy’s hometown. You know, it’s very, very expensive. It cost us a good 8,000 yuan (that’s about $1,300). Smell it, feel the aroma…”

We’re assuming that translation was approximate. Either that or it’s totally cool to call women ‘little girl’ over in China. Only if we pulled that trick over here we’d be hearing the snapping of latex gloves before the echo had stopped.

So they were left with little option…

Wine (1)


Wine (2)

Good work, boys. Airport staff were happy to let them board provided they didn’t get too steaming drunk afterwards (which they didn’t). The wine was expensive though because it’s a rare aphrodisiac brew that supposedly stimulates ‘the extremities’. So we dread to think what the boys got up to on that flight…