This MMA Fight Might Be The Most Ferocious You Will Ever See!


MMA must be the most brutal combat sport in the world – boxing is heavily regulated, and the less said about WWE the better!

For an example of this ferocity, look no further than this 2002 bout between Don Frye and Yoshihiro Takayama at the Pride 21: Demolition championships in Saitama, Japan. This is no holds barred stuff, in the literal sense of the term. And both fighters clearly think that offense is best form of defense. There is no blocking and no guarding from either. They simply take it in turns to rain punches on one another.

The fight, which is both exciting and merciless in equal measure, went on to win the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Fight of the Year Award for 2002. It has also gone down as one of the greatest fights in contact sport history.