Doom Is Back And It’s BRUTAL


The Doom franchise has come a long way since it was first released way back in 1993. Back then, it was hailed as a genre-defining masterpiece, paving the way for a wave of first-person shooters that came to dominate the games industry with their fast-paced action and thrilling online death matches. Without Doom, there would have been no Halo, no Battlefield, and no billion dollar Call of Duty franchise. id Software’s tale of a lone space marine battling his way through the forces of Hell on Mars blazed a trail that changed the way we played games forever … and now it’s back.

In this incredible new gameplay trailer from the E3 conference, id Software shows off the new Doom 4. Gone are the cheap jump scares and torch-switching frustrations of Doom 3. Now it’s all about action, bad-assery and buckets and buckets of blood. When the dude in the trailer pulls out the chainsaw, it was like being back in the ’90s all over again. Welcome back, Doom. We’ve missed you.

WARNING: This trailer contains violent content and gore that may not be suitable for a younger audience. But you knew that anyway.