Dash Cam Records Terrifying Moment Driver Passes Out At The Wheel


The freeway is not the best place to discover you have a medical condition that causes you to suddenly pass out. That’s what happened to YouTuber Paul Yearley, and as the following hair-raising footage from his onboard dash cam shows, things could have so easily ended in disaster. Luckily, Paul was driving in an area of farmland when his condition struck. We can only imagine what might have happened had this taken place in a busy city street.

“I have never passed out in 26 years, but suddenly passed out,” says Paul. “I wasn’t tired, sleepy or anything like that.” It just goes to show it could happen to anyone, folks. Check it out:

“After I can get the car repaired and start driving again, you will see more videos from me,” Paul says. “I am not giving up!”

Hmm. Maybe take someone along with you next time, hey Paul?