Beach Fashion Shoot Interrupted By Boatload of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS


When photographer and filmmaker Ekaterina Juskowski was filming a shot of a model walking down a beach in Miami, the last thing she expected to see was a bunch of illegal immigrants heading for the shore. Florida is a popular spot for people smugglers to land their cargo of desperate human beings, so it’s hardly surprising they picked this spot. What is a surprise is that they picked the middle of the day when a photo-shoot was going on.

Ekaterina’s an immigrant herself, so has a level of sympathy we doubt the authorities share:

“Witnessing people starting their life anew by jumping off the boat and running into the city made my personal struggle seem rather small,” she told reporters. “As controversial as the problem of illegal immigration can be for many of us, it is important to remember that people come here in search of the better life, and it comes at a very high price of great courage, hard work, and loneliness.”

Check out what happens in this crazy new video: