GTI Window Smacking Thug’s Not Happy With This Dude’s Driving One Bit!


What really grinds your gears when you’re out in your car? We don’t mean it literally (we don’t really care how gears work…) – we mean what annoys you? What gets you going? People driving up your butt? Slow Sunday drivers? Kids on their cellphones? How about speeding? Dangerous driving is crazy, after all. It’s just so, well, dangerous! In this clip, we see a young father with a kid in his vehicle real upset with the driving of a guy in a GTI.

Things escalate quickly as the conversation quickly turns sour. Well, we say ‘conversation’. It’s not exactly a diplomatic exchange of ideas. To say the least. In fact, words turn to punches pretty early. Not to anyone’s face, thankfully…

Here’s why it’s important to drive sensibly (For the Thug Life version, click here!):