Watch Jimmy Fallon Play ‘Faceketball’ With LeBron James


When the NBA legend LeBron James appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon recently, Fallon could have just talked to him abut his career, his future plans and all that usual stuff. He could have done that, but this is Jimmy Fallon we’re talking about here. Fallon likes to interact with his guests – often with hilarious results – and LeBron James is no exception. So Jimmy invented a game called ‘Faceketball’. The rules are pretty simple: The pair strap mini basketball boards attached to headbands to their heads and take it in turns to shoot hoops at each others’ faces. Whoever wins gets to slam dunk their opponent. That’s right – SLAM DUNK their opponent!

Watch this hilarious video to see what happens when Jimmy Fallon and LeBron James play ‘Faceketball’. It’s laugh-out-loud funny stuff!

Check it out: