Buffalo Bills Superfan Drinks Beer Outta Girl’s Butt Crack


Tailgate parties. Ever been to one? They’re not for everyone, but hey – from the looks of this clip below, maybe Buffalo Bills tailgate parties are for us. Normally it’s just a bunch of fat sweaty dudes eating burgers and drinking beers before and after a game of football, but this one is special…

We see a Bills fan in a nice new LeSean McCoy jersey – presumably pretty well refreshed – enjoying another beer. But in a most unconventional way. Through a girl’s butt crack.

You can’t exactly make her out, but damn! If she ain’t pretty smoking hot looking! A lot of people online are feigning shock and horror, but we put this to all the guys out there (and some girls) – who wouldn’t drink a cold one this way?!


Looks like a Hiney-ken to us… Or maybe a Buttweiser.