Marty McFly Goes Total Thug In This Clip


We didn’t raise an eyebrow when Marty McFly set his clock for 2015. In fact, we never thought it’d happen. But plenty of stuff that the guys at Back To The Future predicted has come true: wireless video games, handheld computers, flying cars. Unfortunately, one of the best inventions never materialized. Just imagine if we could zoom around on one of these bad boys. In this crazy video YouTube magician sensation, Rahat, trolls a bunch of park users with this one sick prank!

Did you know?!

When the DeLorean is struck by lightning and sent backwards in time, flames in the shape of a backwards number 99 appear in the sky. This is the same fire trails that appear when the time machine disappears at every occurrence of time travel. The reason for the twin loops in the sky is the DeLorean doing a backflip in the air due to the power of the strike