Brit MC DESTROYS Eminem’s Record For Most Words In a Rap Song!


What song has the most amount of words? Up until now it’s been Detroit rap legend Eminem and his 2013 opus, ‘Rap God’. With 1,560, it’s a veritable essay. But Marshall Mathers no longer holds that record. It now belongs to a British MC who goes by the name Harry Shotta. His awesome new track, ‘Animal’, is six and a half minutes of pure lyrics, spat out at a phenomenal pace.

Shotta spits out an incredible 1,771 words in Animal. The dude must have an unbelievable memory, that’s all we can say.

“No disrespect to Eminem at all! This is purely about pushing our art and having some fun.” He says.

“A lot of our fans have been tweeting him, we’ve had Radio 1 play and loads of support on Radio 1Xtra… It’s gone mental this week so I’m sure someone in his camp will know. I hope he likes the track and appreciates what we’ve done. It’s all about the art of MCing and pushing it to the next level.”

Check it out for yourself: