This Homeless Kid Was On The Floor – What Happened Next Really Sunk My Heart


What do you normally do when you see a homeless person on the streets? How about if that person is especially vulnerable? Say, they’re obviously ill or elderly? How about if it’s a kid that’s living on the streets and they’re clearly freezing cold?

A shocking recent report claims that one in every thirty kids in America will have to deal with homelessness every year. That’s an almost unbelievable 2.5 million children without a home in the USA. Shocking, isn’t it?

Youtube filmmakers OckTV decided to make us think about this issue in their latest video and the results of their social experiment are quite surprising.

See what happens when a kid pretends to freeze on the cold, cold streets on New York City:

WHOA. Did you check out that OG at the end? What a dude. Good on OckTV for rewarding that guy’s kindness too. You’ve gotta share this – get it seen!