This Staggering Footage Shows An Octopus Attacking A Crab, ON DRY LAND!


An Australian women has captured the moment that an octopus jumped out of water to ambush a crab. Porsche Indrisie was filming the crab by some rock pools in Yallingup, south of Perth, when, out of nowhere, an octopus leaps out of the water and wraps his deadly tentacles around the crustacean. The 50 second clip, which has had nearly 9m views since it was released last week, then shows the cephalopod dragging the crab back into the pool, presumably in order to devour him.

During the video, Indrisie can be heard yelling to a buddy “Hey, it’s an octopus eating a crab!” as the two struggle. The footage is all the more remarkable because octopuses breath through their gills, which means that they cannot stay out of the water for long at all. Indeed, this could be the first time that an octopus has been filmed hunting on dry land.

Writing under the video, Indrisie said:

“I didn’t know why I chose to film this crab, but thought I would try and get closer to it – but something else beat me to it.

We hung around for a while, but I understand octopus flip it open and eat it pretty quick, so I knew it was toast.

It’s the best and unexpected [SIC] video I’ve ever captured!”