Dude Quits Job; Immediately Bangs The Boss’s Daughter


Work. Very few people truly, honestly enjoy their jobs, do they? Okay some parts might be okay. But let’s face it – spending forty plus hours a week doing what someone tells you to do isn’t a huge amount of fun. Especially when your boss happens to be a bit of an as*hole.

The best feeling in the work? You might argue it’s comes from the taste of a cold beer on a Friday night. You could also argue it comes from the company of a lady on a Friday night. We say it comes from telling your boss to stick his job up job up his a*s on a Monday morning.

And that’s exactly what this guy here did. Shortly before taking the boss’s daughter into the bathrooms and banging her brains out. We’d say he was cool for doing it, but he filmed it and put it on Facebook, which isn’t that cool…


Ready? Of course you are. Here it is. Enjoy!