Rapper Riff Raff’s Bodyguard Absolutely DESTROYS Fan That Jumps The Stage!


The rapper Riff Raff has some serious security guards. These are dudes that are not to be messed with. A drunk fan found out to his cost at one of Riff Raff’s recent shows. The star turned his back on the crowd briefly during a track and the stupid kid rushed the stage and gave a playful tap on Raff’s back. Which is not a good idea when a guy like JJ Watt is standing nearby…

Out of NOWHERE, the huge unit of the bodyguard springs out at 100mph and slams the fan like you wouldn’t believe! This little clip should serve as a lesson to us all. We can learn from this idiot’s mistake!


What a slam! Here it is from another angle. This dude’s gonna get drafted by the NFL, we just know it…

Next time you’re a Riff Raff show – stay off the stage.