This Sheep Was Brought Up By A Dog. Look How He Acts!


When ‘Pet’ the sheep was tragically orphaned, she was swiftly taken under the wing of this beautiful collie sheep dog. In time Pet stopped acting like a sheep, and started adopting the characteristics of a sheep dog. Short of barking, and pooping on your doorstep, Pet goes full dog thug life in this hilarious clip.


Pet lives in Wales, a beautiful little country next to England. Although we live a long, long way away, the folks at TB hope to meet Pet one day.

Here are some fascinating facts about sheep courtesy of the folks over at Science Kids.

  • There are over 1 billion sheep in the world.
  • China has the largest number of sheep in the world.
  • Adult female sheep are known as ewes.
  • Adult male sheep are known as rams.
  • Castrated adult male sheep are known as wethers.
  • A group of sheep is known as a herd, flock or mob.
  • Young sheep are called lambs.
  • Sheep have a field of vision of around 300 degrees, allowing them to see behind themselves without having to turn their head.
  • Sheep are herbivores that eat vegetation such as grass.
  • The digestive system of sheep features four chambers which help break down what they eat.
  • Sheep like to stay close to others in a herd which makes them easier to move together to new pastures.
  • In 1996, a sheep named Dolly was the first mammal to be cloned from a somatic cell.
  • Domesticated sheep are raised for a number of agricultural products including fleece and meat.