Check Out These Strippers Winning At ‘The Mannequin Challenge!’


It’s being called ‘The Mannequin Challenge’. It’s the latest online craze and we’ve gotta say – it’s pretty damn funny. Everyone’s doing it from celebs and sports stars to kids at school. And it just so seems that STRIPPERS might well be the best at it. Judging by the following clip, anyway.

What is The Mannequin Challenge? Well, it’s kind of like a new dance craze. But you don’t gyrate or move about at all, really. You stay totally still. You basically act like a mannequin. Sound stupid? Well, yeah – it kinda is. But seen in the context of a video, it’s pretty hilarious.

You’ll soon see exactly what we mean below. And who better to watch taking on the new challenge than a gang of ‘exotic dancer’, huh?!


This is crazy, yo’. Check it out!