This Dude Has OD’d On Synthol!


Synthol, a toxic mix of oil and alcohol, is meant to be used on the skin as a treatment for muscular pain. However, there has recently been a revival of people injecting it into themselves in order to make it look like they are ripped, when in fact they are not. The practice, which is otherwise known as fluffing, was initially abandoned in the late twentieth century, but has now been revived by those wanting to look buff but without having to put the hard work in.

Check this dude out. He’s someone who has gone wild with the synthol. Do you think he looks good? I don’t. His muscles are freakish, and his body looks unnatural. He would’ve been better off putting the time in in the gym if he wanted a powerful physique.

A a word of warning to anyone tempted, the use of synthol can cause blocked arteries, nerve damage, infections and strokes, amongst many other things.