Thug Life Squirrel Steals Treats From Vending Machine Like a Boss


Vending machines can be a real pain in the a*s, can’t they? Damn things are always breaking down. All you want is a Snickers or a bag of Cheetos. You scramble around for change, find some, walk down to the machine, put your money in and… Well, nothing. It’s getting us angry just thinking about it.

Well, maybe we should fight the machine and go Thug on it. Like the Thug Life squirrel we’ve got for you here. He ain’t messing about with no change!

Check him out:

Thug Fact:
Squirrels are capable of getting in more than vending machines, you know. These little critters can jump more than ten times their own body length. And their little ankles can swivel 180 degress to help with climbing up stuff. They’re pretty impressive little fellas.