This Wannabe Thug Kid Quickly Wishes He Wasn’t In Jail!


We laugh and kid about ‘The Thug Life’ and people acting crazy because it’s funny. But we’d never promote or encourage kids actually acting like real-life thugs. Once you start on the road to a life of crime it can be tough to take a left or right off of it. Kids need guidance. They need help. They need scaring…

Beyond Scared Straight is the show to do it. Its premise is simple – put a bunch of kids that look like they might end up going down the wrong path and try and show them what the life of a criminal is really all about. They get a rare glimpse into jail. Prisoners who wanna help these kids avoid the mistakes that they made are there to assist. But in the most extreme ways you can think of!

It’s a hardcore show… And these are its most EXPLOSIVE moments: