“You Have Two Choices.” Craigslist Scammer Gets Busted By Very Angry Dude


When this Austin, Texas guy’s sister was scammed by a guy on Craigslist called ‘Zeke’ out of $560 for a stolen iPhone that caused her AT&T account to be shut down, he decided he wasn’t going to take it lying down. This was his sister, after all. So he contacted Zeke and arranged to meet him to buy another phone. When Zeke showed up, the guy took Zeke’s phone and then offered him two choices: Give him his sister’s $560 back or he would take the second phone. Oh, and as an added incentive to do the right thing, the guy decided to go all Liam Neeson on him. What choice did Zeke make when confronted with a big, angry guy who makes no bones about tracking Zeke down if the second phone turns out to be stolen? Watch the video to find out.