What Do You Do When The Diner’s Full Of Cops? Just Play It COOL!


In this hilarious video, a dude in a diner suddenly realizes the place is absolutely full to the brim with cops. What does he do when he realizes the place is full of cops? He plays it cool … or, at least he tries to. We don’t know what this dude has done to be so nervous around these cops, but damn – is he nervous! He does his best to not look suspicious, but it sure is hard for him. In fact, if anything, playin’ it cool makes him look MORE suspicious!

Check out what happens when a dude who’s just tryin’ to eat his meal in a diner in peace realizes the whole place is full of cops in this laugh-out-loud funny new video.

Check it out. But hey, before you do, maybe look around to see if the place you’re in ain’t full of cops, yeah?