FAKE! Loser Is Caught Out Posing As US Marine At Graduation Ceremony


The current and former members of the US Marine Corps are rightly proud to wear the uniform and get pretty damn p*ssed when some random dude decides he’s going to wear it when he hasn’t earned the right to do so. that’s what happened recently at a graduation ceremony at NoblesVille Indiana High School when an actual serving marine who was there to see his son graduate noticed this guy wandering around in uniform. Realizing he was a fake, he went over to him to confront him. As the video explains, the guy disappeared very quickly soon after the confrontation; just not quick enough for his deception not to be caught on camera and posted to the Guardian of Valor website.

Remember, folks – if you’re wearing a uniform you ain’t got no right to wear, it won’t be long before someone who’s earned that right will bring you up on it. Just ask this douche: