This $400,000 Fighter Jet Helmet Is Just Ridiculous!


The F-35 Lightning II fighter jet is set to be the most advanced aircraft ever produced. The jet, which will be available to Western countries within the next three years, will cost a cool $80 million. It will utilize the latest computer technology in order to operate as precisely and as discriminately as possible. It will also revolutionize flying, and has a setting which allows it to take off vertically like a helicopter.

Along with the F-35 Lightning II comes its own unique flying helmet. The helmet, designed by Lockheed Martin, is similarly advanced. The $400,000 piece of headgear allows the pilot to see through the plane itself and a set of six infrared cameras enables a 360 degree view from the jet, making enemy aircraft easy to spot. The helmet basically allows the pilot to see any enemy aircraft approaching before it is able to pose a threat.

This is mad!