Watch How Five German Thugs Open Their Beers


Welcome to Germany. It’s the land of enormous sausages, automotive engineering that’s second to none, a reputation for ruthless efficiency, a penchant for wearing those strange green pants and funny little hats, the annual drunken ‘charms’ of the cleavagetastic Oktoberfest and, of course, beer. Lots and lots of beer.

Germans love their beer so much, they insist it’s available everywhere. Don’t believe us? Then may we introduce you to what’s on the menu at a certain fast food restaurant we all know and love …

Those lucky sons of …

That’s right. Even Ronald McDonald has to bow down to the Germans when it comes to beer.

Now we’ve all opened a bottle of beer in our time, but have we been doing it right? Well, as the following video shows, apparently not. With the help of five rulers, these beer-lovin’ German dudes show you how to open a beer in the most thug way possible.

Beer in McDonald’s, huh? Anyone fancy moving to Germany?