Girl Attacks Home-Wrecking Ho That Banged Her Dad; Ratchet BEATS Her A*s…


The girl in red here in this video is on a mission. Filled with righteousness, she pitches up to another girl’s house filled with a lustful vengeance. The other girl seduced and slept with her dad. So she’s gonna teach her a lesson…

Only it doesn’t quite go to plan. The girl she ‘attacks’? A total ratchet ho with more fight experience and a killer edge. She slips straight into MMA mode and bodyslams her new opponent. Then fights DIRTY.

The girl fight mostly consists of the stronger girl holding the girl in red by her hair and pounding her. DAMN! This girl’s now dominated and f*cked two members of that family!


This is some real low down nasty ratchet sh*t right here: