Grand Theft Auto 5 Recreated In REAL LIFE!


One of the joys of the Grand Theft Auto series is the freedom the games give players to do whatever the hell they like in the huge open worlds Rockstar Games have been creating since GTA3 back in 2001. From the sun-soaked beaches of Vice City, to the wide open expanses of San Andreas, to the mean streets of Liberty City, players have been given free reign to be as reckless or as law-abiding as they like. Want to grab a rocket launcher and go on a murderous rampage in Algonquin? Go right ahead. Fancy taking a hike up Mount Chilead? The choice is yours. Like the idea of driving an Entity XF at top speed through a crowd of pedestrians outside the Oriental Theater in Vinewood? Hell, why not?

Pictured: Freedom

It’s this sense of freedom that has had fans coming back for more for nearly fifteen years. Grand Theft Auto allows the player’s imaginations (and in most cases, their hidden psychotic tendencies) to take flight. Sure, there are cops in the games to bring a halt to your fun, but it ain’t like you’re being killed for real, and a trip to the hospital is usually all it takes before you’re back in the shoes of Niko, Michael, CJ, Tommy, the hilariously murderous Trevor and the rest of the games’ colorful roll-call of protagonists. In short, the Grand Theft Auto series allows players to act out their darkest and craziest fantasies in a way nobody but an actual criminal or a genuine psycopath would behave in real life.

That is, until now. In this incredible video from Corridor Digital, the streets of GTAV’s Los Santos are brought to life in this stunning real world version of the game. Seriously, this has to be seen to be believed. Check it out: