Vehicle Gun Mod May Be The Best GTA 5 Mod EVER


We’ve seen some pretty crazy sh*t in Grand Theft Auto, but nothing crazier than this badass mod for the PC version of the game that turns the guns in the game’s online multiplayer fire VEHICLES. That’s right! Firing everything from sports cars to bulldozers, this mod turns every gun in the game into a car-firing engine of death. We particularly liked the sniper rifle that fires ice cream trucks, and the minigun that spits out round after round of big rigs, minivans, SUVs and suchlike. The police in this video don’t stand a chance of getting near this lady.

Ain’t it about time Sony and Microsoft got off their butts and allowed mods on consoles? Everyone should be able to enjoy the pleasure of firing a police car at a bunch of police cars to make a roaring police car barbecue.

Check it out: