Watch Two Dudes Try To Set New Record At The Hooters Chicken Wing Eating Championships


The Hooters chicken wing is a thing of beauty. Indeed, if it wasn’t for something else – or should that be ‘some things‘? – Hooters is famous for, we’d say their wings are the number reason why you should pay this fine old establishment a visit. At this year’s annual Hooters World Wing Eating Championship in Clearwater, Florida, two intrepid dudes took their love for Hooters’ wings to hitherto unseen extremes.

In the following video, you’ll see competitive eating champions Joey Chestnut and Matt ‘The Megatoad’ Stonie attempt the world chicken wing eating record. They have just ten minutes to eat as many Hooters chicken wings as they possibly can.

How many chicken wings will they eat? Check out the video to find out. This is something else …