This Dude Approached Kanye West Asking For An Audition. What Happens Next Is Incredible!


To paraphrase Eminem, what would happen if you were given one shot at glory? It’s safe to say that Cameron Grey grabbed his opportunity with both hands when he was given a chance encounter with global hip hop superstar, Kanye West. Kanye was leaving a Big Sean concert with professional douchebag Justin Bieber when Cameron approached him and asked if he could rap for him. We all know that Kanye has a massive ego, so it was quite a surprise when he gave Cameron permission to perform for him right there in the street. What was even more surprising was Mr Grey’s hip hop talent. Watch as he spits out a series of sick rhymes to an awestruck West.

Kanye was supposedly so impressed with Cameron that the pair exchanged contact details, so perhaps we will be hearing Mr Grey popping up on a Yeezy joint in the near future.

Cameron Grey. Remember the name!