Lil Wayne Loses His Sh*t And Storms Off Stage After DJ Misses His Cue


Looks like Lil’ Wayne’s been hitting the purple drank pretty hard of late. Footage of the New Orleans rapper losing his cool and throwing his mic, before storming off stage, emerged late last night. Wayne was playing Nova Southeastern University and got seven tracks in before the incident.

What set Shrimp Daddy off? Well, the DJ. His missed his cue and then played the wrong track. Lil’ Wayne was expecting one of his tracks which samples OT Genasis. But the DJ played the original OT track instead.

See what went down for yourself:

Damn, Wayne!

Thug Fact:
Lil’ Wayne’s real name is actually Dwayne. Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. And he released his first album when he was just 11 years old!