Man Dies Bungee Jumping Because The Cord Was Too Long


São Paulo, Brazil. 36 year-old Fábio Ezequiel de Moraes decides to treat himself and have some fun. He’d never gone bungee jumping before so he decided to give that a try. But it was to be the biggest mistake of his life. It was to be the end of his life.

The forty meter jump was a disaster. The investigation is underway as to why the bungee jumping company used a rope that was too long. As Fabio jumps, it quickly becomes clear that it’s not going to plan…

Moraes’ wife and son were there with him at the time. His six year-old was gearing up to jump after his dad too. How sad, huh?

Man Dies Bungee Jumping

Here’s the shocking footage. Be warned, it’s pretty nasty…