Powerful Massage Chair Overstimulates This Female Customer Beyond Belief


One young lady got more than she bargained for when she sat in and tested out a powerful massage chair recently. In the clip – which is quickly going viral right now – we see he get into and try out the large chair. Sat nice and snug in the thing in her little red hot pants, the things kicks into life…

And within seconds, she’s quickly overstimulated. A rush of feeling hits her, she’s overcome with intense ecstasy and it’s obvious to see. The camera pans to her friend and she just doesn’t know where to look!

The blonde soon regains her composure, but it’s not long before it kicks back into life again and it’s sending waves of unbridled pleasure directly into the woman once more.

We’ll have what she’s having, etc.

Massage Chair Overstimulates Female Customers

Kinda jealous of what this thing can do, if I’m honest.

Massage Chair Overstimulates Female Customers

They should’ve called this thing ‘The O-Face Chair’…

Massage Chair Overstimulates Female Customers

A chair. Doing in 30 seconds what you haven’t managed to do in hours.