WTF Is This?! Miley Cyrus’ Most Outrageous And Crazy Stage Antics Yet Shock Everyone!


Miley Cyrus. She’s not exactly known as a shrinking violet wallflower type, is she? She’s loud. She’s controversial. She’s outrageous. Her stage shows are increasing explicit and risque. Recently we told you about how she was gyrating in her fans’ faces, letting them put their faces in her crotch and between her buttocks (damn, we wish we’d have bought tickets now…). Her latest antics? Even weirder.

She fellates a dude live on stage! Seriously. She sticks his junk in her mouth and gives it a good going over. Okay, okay – so the guy is inflatable, but hey – it’s still damn weird!

You never used to get this kind of thing with her dad, did you? Billy Ray Cyrus never came on stage and blew a blow-up c*ck before belting out Achy-Breaky Heart, did he? Thank Christ.


That ain’t a microphone, Miley…


She’s certainly on very friendly terms with the inflatable guy.


Dancing with and sucking off a blow-up dude. There’s nothing she won’t do on stage. Watch her in action: