These Four Dudes Won’t Let The Scumbag Who Stole An Old Lady’s Bag Escape!


What would you do if you witnessed someone being mugged? Would you get involved, or stand back and hope that someone else does instead? Psychologists claim that the majority of people choose not to get involved. Numerous social experiments have been carried out which show that people will mostly refuse to intervene when witnessing even the most heinous of crimes. Whether this is out of fear of being injured, or due to other factors, is unclear. What is clear, however, is that, generally, bystanders will stay back and let the perp carry out the crime.

However, these four guys buck this trend. After witnessing an elderly lady having her bag snatched in a Brooklyn shopping mall, they quickly pursue the attacker, chasing him on foot through the center, before finally collaring him in a shop doorway. They retrieve the handbag and hand the mugger over to mall security.

So let’s pay our respects to these four good guys! Good work, fellas!