Everyone’s Going Crazy At This Photo And We Can See Why…


Girls. You’re about to go to the beach with a bunch of friends. Are you ‘beach ready’? You’ve got a bikini that fits? You’re toned? Tanned? Shaved and waxed? Okay, good.

Hang on, what about your… TAG?! If you had an electronic tag, you’d try to cover it up on a day to beach, right? Right.

Well, this girl didn’t bother! Talk about ‘once you see it…’

Once You See It

This dude’s face is weird as it is. And that’s before you realize it looks as though he’s riding the woman on the left…

Once you see it

Nice ti-elbow. Nice elbow.

Once you see it

Dude! They’re kids! Oh, it’s just an arm.

Once you see it

Here’s famous Brit comedian The Chuckle Brothers awarding a woman a dildo. Oh no, hang on – she’s just holding a glass and that’s her arm. Never mind.

Once you see it